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The Virginia Choral Society is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote, educate, and advocate for a broad range of choral music. The Society strives to raise community awareness of all facets of the performing arts and to engage with other organizations in support of the arts.  Additionally, we at VCS support the artistic endeavors of young musicians through scholarships, guest performances, summer workshops, and other opportunities.


VCS is one of the oldest, continuously performing choral organizations in Virginia, organized in 1931.  This 2022-2023 concert year is our 92nd season. VCS is home-based in Newport News, Virginia and performs throughout the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.


A Marketing Opportunity

As a sponsor, your name and your message will be exposed to our audience, helping you promote your business.


Foster a Vibrant Community

Help foster a vibrant community by supporting your local nonprofit arts organizations.


A Benefit to your Employees

Tickets to a local community concert can be an appealing benefit to your employees. 

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Virginia Choral Society also seeks event sponsors. Contributions can range from sponsoring a soloist to hosting a post concert reception. These unique donations come with their own benefits and perks. Please contact our development team at  or 757-218-9575 to discuss giving.

Endowment Giving

In 1999 the Virginia Choral Society established a performance endowment fund. The endowment fund is based on the principal being invested and inviolate for expenses. Only the earnings from this fund can be used for operating expenses. The endowment fund is managed by trustees named by the Board of Directors, who report to the Board annually on the status of the endowment.  Please contact our development team at  or 
757-218-9575 to discuss giving.

Scholarship Giving

Since 2010, VCS has awarded one or more scholarships to students planning to study vocal music education, vocal performance, or musical theater.  As much as we are committed to presenting high quality programs to our communities, VCS is equally committed to promoting the choral arts by assisting students in their study of vocal music. Please contact our scholarship chair at for more information.


To sponsor Virginia Choral Society or for additional information please contact:

Dana Clark Epstein,  VCS Development


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